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Teenz Global Foundation is a youth-led non-governmental organization founded in June 2011 to complement the efforts of Education, Health, Media and Development departments; Local Implementing Partners, International Aid Agencies, Youth Groups and Civil Society Organizations; in providing high impact approaches to meet the urgent, complex educational and life skills challenges faced by children and young people between ages 10 and 24 in Nigeria through innovative programs with Structural and Sustainable Solution.

We have been on the frontline of promoting a healthy and productive life for children and young people in schools and communities through implementation of free Educational outreaches and Support services; Community Information Projects; Adolescent & Young People (AYP) Health Projects; Capacity-Building Initiatives; Cultural and Citizenship Programs; Teenage Mentorship and New Technological strategies.

A One Stop Organization that provides service in Community education, Adolescent health, Information Literary, Capacity building and Citizenship programs for children and young people between ages 10 and 24 in Nigeria.


To train and mentor young people through the difficult phase of their lives, using sustainable programs that would positively impact them as they become adults.

Aims and Objectives

  1. To improve community education and literacy skills among children and young people in Nigeria by at least 12% by 2020.
  2. To support sustainable development based on equal opportunities through quality education especially for Girls.
  3. To ensure access to basic health services for adolescents and young people.
  4. To increase awareness on values of citizenship, culture and indigenous languages among young people.
  5. To provide social behavioural intervention for adolescent health risks prevention.
  6. To build leadership, personal development and entrepreneurship skills among young people between ages 10 and 24.

Core Values






As the 1st organization of its kind in Nigeria, Teenz Global has become a force to be reckoned with. TGF provides holistic development programs that respond to the specific needs of children and young people between ages 10 and 24 in Nigeria. We offer tailor-made interventions to empower children and young people to live a healthy and productive life, and equip them with knowledge and skills to influence social change in Communities. Our Strategic Approach Includes: Education Support Services, AYP Health Projects, Advocacy and Community Information Projects, Capacity Building Initiatives, Cultural and Citizenship Programs.

Our Programs



ESS supports and creates sustainable development based on equal opportunities through quality education especially for Girls. The Teenz Care Project offers educational outreaches, Guidance & Counseling on life skills, learning materials, trainings and mentorships and use of technologies to meet the 21 st Century Global Needs. ESS also implements a response and prevention program that provides interventions for education in emergencies. We support learning in and out of IDP camps, facilitate psychological counseling and support to create a peace friendly enabling environment for the affected.


CBI targets leadership, personal development and entrepreneurship skills among young people between ages 13-24 via Youth Workshops, Conferences and Development HUB that aims to fill critical knowledge and skills gap as well as nurture and empower young people to become Self-sustainers and Change makers starting from their immediate communities. We combine inspiring presentations, lively discussions, group works, stimulation exercises and mentor-mentee relationship to provide support system for mentees over a period of time.


A youth-led team would provide effective intervention programs for adolescents and young people (AYP) because we speak their language, understand their thoughts and the dynamic approaches for young people. In providing social behavioral interventions to prevent adolescent health risks, we diversify our approach towards Health education and promotion among Adolescents and Young People (AYP) with the introduction of interactive and friendly health forums as platform for gaining comprehensive and functional knowledge on concerns about Sexual Reproductive health, Sexually transmitted Diseases, HIV Prevention, Infectious diseases and Personal Hygiene including Menstrual Hygiene for Adolescent girls.


Teenz Nigeria (TN) Project is an annual cultural program initiated in 2013 with the purpose of increasing the values of Citizenship, Patriotism and Indigenous languages. We adopt the use of Language learning, Stakeholders Conference, Cultural Quiz, Cultural Arts Competition, indigenous Spelling Bee and an additional component of the INEC Voters Education Quiz by the Independent National Electoral Commission. Participating schools and teenagers also gain opportunities of winning Prizes and Academic Books Scholarships in different categories of the Competition.


CIP develops content, shares information on education, advocate policies and social issues that affects children and young people in Nigeria. We employ the use of Broadcast Media, Publications and Social media. Several funded programs have been implemented such as the Teenz Tym TV Broadcast on AIT Abuja; Published editions of TGF magazines endorsed by the National Library of Nigeria and FCT Education Resource Center; FASTYouth infomercial; Documentaries on the Plight of Internally Displaced Children in Northern Nigeria, and information dissemination via our Social media handles.


The Open Community Schools & Network (OCSN) is a social enterprise that provides simple learning solutions tailored towards literacy skills, life skills development, peace building values and Global citizenship education that equip learners with a more robust and flexible curriculum to achieve learning outcomes to meet the 21st century needs. Our solution includes: Open Community Schools in communities with little or no access to schools and, opencommunityschools.net, an Online Primary Education platform to promote open Education.

Upcoming programs

1st Open Community School Project


TGF in collaboration with the United States Mission in Nigeria through the Ambassador’s Small Grants Program sets to build TGF’s 1st Open Community School for 100 - 200 children in Ebonyi State.

January - September 2017



opencommunityschools.net, an Online Primary Education platform to promote open Education for all in support of SDG 4.


iEbonyi Projects


Firstly, Development HUB program for 50 young people in Abakaliki, Ebonyi State. Secondly, an Adolescent Health Forum & Quiz for 4500 adolescents in Ishiagu, Ivo LGA, Ebonyi State.


5th Teenz Nigeria Project


A National Cultural Quiz, indigenous Spelling Bee and Arts Competition targeted at promoting cultures, citizenship, patriotism and indigenous languages among 1000 teenagers in FCT and Nassarawa State.

November 20, 2017

Our Partners

Teenz Global Foundation has implemented projects with several local and international partners.

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